Teachers For Teachers : Eva Khattri Pant

When you start teaching, you have lots of seasoned teachers snowing you under sermons, anecdotes, warnings, and sometimes useful (yet unwarranted) advice. But nobody tells you to 'just be you' - to discover yourself, to enjoy your students because your time with them is limited (one rushy academic year), to cherish the timeless bond you're … Continue reading Teachers For Teachers : Eva Khattri Pant

Teachers For Teachers : Neeru Krishen

She was my immediate HOD, mentor and my go to person for almost anything and everything at the new school. Calm, positive, cheery and a brilliant storyteller; always looking like a vision in breezy pinks and blues (I became a Farida Gupta convert when I observed her carrying the ensemble so effortlessly while teaching). I … Continue reading Teachers For Teachers : Neeru Krishen

Teachers For Teachers : Arooshi Thakur

Arooshi and I were coursemates. If you have been lucky enough to meet/interact with her, you'll understand what happens when you attach positive adjectives like dignified, patient, intelligent, warm hearted and level-headed to a pretty woman. Imagine the scenario when that lady decides on teaching as her profession! She was the voice of reason and … Continue reading Teachers For Teachers : Arooshi Thakur