Three Friends And The ‘M’ Issue

As we stepped into this rather amusing, taxing, frustrating, irritating and confusing phase of our lives, we decided it was unescapable and also what we secretly wanted to transpire for ourselves. Yet we made a pinky promise. Of not discussing the guys we shortlist as prospective life partners. Why? Because taking various opinions only makes … Continue reading Three Friends And The ‘M’ Issue


CELTA, The British Council And ‘Brown Skin, White Masks’

This is strictly a personal opinion. During CELTA, many things came to my notice. And mired my opinion about The British Council. I feel it is an active means to occidentalize us and thus, a thinly veiled malevolent imperial agency. Saying this wryly, but eons ago, they arrived as harmless traders and consequently colonized us. … Continue reading CELTA, The British Council And ‘Brown Skin, White Masks’