Teachers For Teachers : Neeru Krishen

She was my immediate HOD, mentor and my go to person for almost anything and everything at the new school. Calm, positive, cheery and a brilliant storyteller; always looking like a vision in breezy pinks and blues (I became a Farida Gupta convert when I observed her carrying the ensemble so effortlessly while teaching). I … Continue reading Teachers For Teachers : Neeru Krishen

An Elegy Written for the Best Chemistry Teacher

How does one deal with sudden grief?I thought a silent prayer would suffice, but two days later, I feel bound to write it all down. Why? Because you were the kind of soul that commanded respect and admiration. Also, because I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that you are no more. Back … Continue reading An Elegy Written for the Best Chemistry Teacher

Teachers For Teachers : Arooshi Thakur

Arooshi and I were coursemates. If you have been lucky enough to meet/interact with her, you'll understand what happens when you attach positive adjectives like dignified, patient, intelligent, warm hearted and level-headed to a pretty woman. Imagine the scenario when that lady decides on teaching as her profession! She was the voice of reason and … Continue reading Teachers For Teachers : Arooshi Thakur