Dear Future Husband

This post is being written as part of a blogging contest organized by Woo. Dear Future Husband, As I start writing this, I cannot fathom my mood. Really. Should I be giggling right now or should my face be scrunched with seriousness. As a typical Libran out to find harmony, constantly juggling with paradoxes, this … Continue reading Dear Future Husband


Memorabilia From The Mountains…

One day, while Instagramming, I found out that one of my all time favorite writers, Ruskin Bond, was to be honored with the lifetime achievement award at the Times Literature Festival. Excited, I glossed over the schedule and made up my mind to visit the venue, for even a glimpse of him would be an … Continue reading Memorabilia From The Mountains…

Love for teaching. Yes, it exists!

Isn’t it amazing that after months of anticipation, tartness, upheaval, suddenly you feel a change. From a very abyssal zone, you sight the gate of a paradise you’ve been longing to camp into. It was one such day for me. After a long gap of four months, I went back to teaching. And I cannot … Continue reading Love for teaching. Yes, it exists!