Dear Future Husband

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Dear Future Husband,
As I start writing this, I cannot fathom my mood. Really. Should I be giggling right now or should my face be scrunched with seriousness. As a typical Libran out to find harmony, constantly juggling with paradoxes, this is indeed normal, let me warn you.
Before I start offloading my mind, do listen to what Meghan Trainor crooned beautifully. The song starts something like this-
“Dear future husband
Here’s a few things
You’ll need to know if you wanna be
My one and only all my life…”

I have been looking for you ever since I gauged the concept of marriage and soul mates. Or let me put it this way, I have been trying to mould you up in my mind since forever. I don’t remember our last life together. Neither would you. That’s fine, I guess. Let God figure out how should we be meeting/bumping into/finding each other. For the time being, let’s find solace in the fact that we shall meet. Somewhere. Sometime. Eventually.
As you’ll know me eventually, I love the desert state. My grandmother, whom you shall only be introduced to through my memories of her, belonged to the region. Everything, and I mean everything- be it their language, customs, attire, music, food and way of living attracted me. I was determined to marry a man from that state. My granny would laugh it off saying- “You little girl, we keep a lot of fasts. Do you think you’ll be able to manage that?” And dreamy eyed, I would reply, “Yes, of course! I’ll eat the ghee laden food thereafter to regain my lost strength.” To which a series of guffaws would greet me. But now the twenty three year old inside me brushes that innocence off. All you need to know is that even if you hail from the south, east or north, I’ll be just as fine with that prospect as I was with my earlier love for the west.
Belonging to a family, wherein many of the men are in the armed forces, I had an early obsession with the men in uniform. I still do, perhaps. But I have wisened enough to understand that being married to someone’s profession leads you nowhere, for it’s the person who matters. Still, try and be a man in uniform. Hehe.
I am the kind of girl who grooved to Alisha Chinoy’s Made in India as a kid. Tall, dark and handsome men like Milind Soman were my choice. But now my standards of considering men handsome have altered drastically. I hope you possess an ease of manner, confidence, an endearing smile and a great sense of humor. Trust me, that’s enough to make me drool for you. And oh, yes! Everybody in my family is tall. They would prefer a 6’2” son-in-law for themselves. But even if you are six-ish, it’s cool. Hehehe.
Being a woman with an enormous sweet tooth, it’ll be nice if you could be my partner in crime, when I have my cravings. But, hey! I hope you can atleast rustle up a sandwich or two, for when I lay my feet up, which shan’t be often, be a bumblebee and dish out delicious dishes for us, lover boy. Thanks in advance. Haha!
Not to sound snobbish, but I consider myself to be a beauty with brains. And kinda accomplished too. So, it goes without saying, that I want you to be the same. See, I would appreciate if you have an independent identity, free from the shadow of your parents. And an identity you’ve worked hard to achieve, not through sycophancy, luck or corruption. Please.
To add to that, I am the only child of my parents who’s lived in a joint family. Pretty cool, haan? Yes, I agree. So, I am, you can say, the only child who confirms to some, if not all the stereotypes related to my kind. I love and need my ‘me time’ and personal space (specifically when I read.) And I love reaching my destination by figuring things on my own. I am pampered but not snooty. My mother would like to term it as “realistic pampering”, though. Haha! I hate sharing food. Doesn’t come easily to me. I hope you are an only son. Because, baby, that’s how I would want it. Want to be the sole daughter in law your parents have to love, bless and gossip with. But I am happily open to having sister(s) in law. It would be fun to enlarge my girl gang. And I hope you, like me, possess a good old group of chaps you call pals. I would love to be introduced to all of them.
Turning to the fun side, do promise me that we’ll zoom off to visit places all over our country or outside every year. And enjoy/shop/wonder our  hearts out. I am an early riser who also loves to sleep. Even if this sounds clingy, snuggle with me when I hit the bed, noon or night.
Coming back to the basics, do make me feel safe, loved and inspired like my parents do. But I know you’ll do that. No two ways about it. See, I trust you so much already. To finish my rant now, please, please, bring in loads of your interests/hobbies into our life when we meet, for it’ll be exciting to be a part of all that. Now, now, now, while I am still figuring out more of how you will have to be, you continue being you. Add on to your accomplishments. Work hard. Party hard. And wait for me. For I’m just around that corner. 😉


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