My Tamil Playlist

Aaaaaand today, I’m going to unleash my Tamil Playlist.
What’s unusual about that, you might be thinking, right? Haha! My dear reader, I am a North Indian who doesn’t know how to speak, write or understand Tamil. Surprised? Yes, I know! Hah!
The tryst started when I was surfing channels one day (yes, an act which can be called the mother of all amazing discoveries!) And I came across a Tamil movie Sachein, dubbed (inappropriately) in Hindi as Ghamandee. The last scene was playing out, wherein the male lead was hugging Genelia, whose familiar face made me stop and see. The scene was, undoubtedly cute, worth going mushy over! But what stuck with me was the background score, which was very romantic, the kind which latches on to your soul. Without delaying any further, I downloaded the song and then started my mission. One song lead to another, Youtube played cupid, and I soon put the Hindi/English songs on a backseat and be it while travelling, having a bath, dressing up, dancing my bum out, it was Tamil songs all over. My parents found it strange, with my mother having suspicions about if I had caught a Tamil guy. Haha, but soon, she, hearing them at all hours, started humming them too, or liking them. They say music has no language, it’s true. For I realized it myself.

Anyway, here it is-

1. Kanmoodi Thirukkumbodhu (Sachein)
Devi Sri Prasad is a legend down south. I understood why. This is the song I’ll be humming even when I am old, I bet. The lyrics and their meanings are pure bliss. And how can you miss Genelia’s beautiful saree.
And, oh, cute movie!

2. Annal Mele Panithuli (Vaaranam Aayiram)
Surya looks heart stoppingly dashing in the olive greens. Don’t miss the maroon beret! The song, partly shot in the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun is close to my heart. The lyrics are, again, meaningful.
I’ve watched the movie with English subtitles (Bless Youtube.) Totally worth it!




3. Mazhai Vara Pogudhe (Yennai Arindhaal)
Loved the beats, the tempo. And the concept of how the relationship matures slowly and steadily between the two good looking actors. There’s one scene wherein the cop single handedly fights the goons. That’s realistic and well, the male lead looks handsome too. Bonus, bonus. The actress takes the cake with her dressing sense. So elegant!

4. Kaara Attakara (O Kadhal Kanmani)
A R Rehman is a genious! Beautiful soundtrack with the peppy pairing. Honestly, it was the trailer which hooked me. I wish this movie was available with the subtitles. So wish to watch this one!

5. Nee Korinaal
I’ve always found Siddharth handsome since the Rang De Basanti days. The song is such a romantic jingle.

6. Paiya Thuli Thuli
The song, as I researched, was composed in the moment when the writer saw a beautiful woman in the
rain. And, I must say, the song feels just that.

7. Nenjukkul Peidhidum (Vaaranam Aayiram)
This movie. This song. A boy smitten with a girl. Love at first sight. Romance ensues. Heartfelt song. Plus, Surya looks yum!

8. Pachchai Nirame (Alaipayuthey)
If you loved the title track of Saathiya, this is the Tamil version.

9. Nijamellam Maranthupochu

10. Velicha Poove

11. Kalvare (Raavanan)
A song close to my heart for more reasons than one. *Secret*

12. Ennai Konjam (Kaakha Kaakha)
Surya and Jyothikha look so good together.

13. Kaatru Veliyidai- Azhagiye
Looking drool worthy while donning the uniform runs in the family, I guess. Karthi gives tough competition to Suriya here. Touching the sky with glory, eh? Also, a nice song to propose the girl you love. Umm.


14. Thalli Pogathey
A.R.Rehman. Enough said.

15.Maruvarthaai- Enai Noki Paayum Thotai
Loved the tempo. And the voice.

16. Neeyum Naanum- Naanum Rowdy Dhaan
If I could sing flawlessly in Tamil, this would be my song.


The other day, I got these cheap, wooden dolls, thinking they would look cute on my bookshelf. And my mother peered suspiciously at me, noting down that it was a “south indian groom”. Haha! Well, well. I am not complaining, but won’t mind that either. 😉
*Tamil Love*


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