This is a blog about a pedestrian singing her own Raga.

Pedestrian is so positive a word. Unlike the loud, racing and barely observant vehicles being driven on the road of life, a pedestrian is on the periphery. Unnoticed, slow and a muser. While going about our humdrum lives, we all encounter various emotions or witness numerous incidents. And somehow they remain with us.
This blog is an attempt to ‘sort of’ record my share of such unusualities. So unlike my ‘other’ blog (which got me addicted to blogging, I tell you!), this one won’t be harping on a single theme. Instead, I have decided to prattle about a host of ‘things’ (Let’s put it this way).
Oh, did I tell you my daddy is a lawyer? So now it’s important that you feel threatened and as a consequence, avoid stealing my words. Hah!

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