Why PedestrianRaga?
Um… Because as I was mulling over what sprightly name should I assign to my second, er, the ‘other’ blog, my bespectacled eyes chanced upon a copy of Shrilal Shukla’s Raag Darbari. And since I am that girl who cannot shrugg off the opinion that her name is beautiful, the title stuck. Also, the idea of being a pedestrian looked promising. A pedestrian is on the periphery. A muser.  And isn’t it so, that while going about our humdrum lives, we all encounter a host of emotions or witness something that sets our soul thinking. And that flicker of something is in itself incredible.
This blog is my attempt to (‘sort of’) record my share of such unusualities. In my mind, I am stepping out on this journey of discovering myself through my blogposts, if anything. Let’s see where my baby steps wander off to…


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