Let’s catch up, Lady Luck?

I happened to watch Luck By Chance today (By chance, that is! Hah!). The last scene is particularly interesting and hilarious, wherein all Sona (Konkana) ends up with is a red refrigerator that she wins in a lucky draw. In a flashback, it is shown how Vikram (Farhan) urges her to sign up for it … Continue reading Let’s catch up, Lady Luck?


Of This And The Other World Kalyanam

Yes. I am that Libran woman, who ruled by Venus, has been perpetually in love with the idea of love. (Go read Linda Goodman, duh!) I've hung this in my room, because, uh, #LifeGoals 😀 - And my phone wallpaper looks like this- And you're right, I have been single all my life. Haha! To … Continue reading Of This And The Other World Kalyanam


My professor in charge arrives for a surprise visit. Being the monitor, I rush to meet a friend teaching seventh standard, for she was called for. And what do I find out? She is consoling a girl crying bitterly. Uh oh! I give her a push towards the staff room and quickly don the 'I … Continue reading Accomplishment?


Hindi Medium- A Review

Starting with the first scene of the movie, it introduces us to a young girl with a promise of turning into a feisty woman in the near future. She tries to up the sartorial game by instructing the tailor to stitch up a suit with a deep cut at the back- a seemingly bold choice … Continue reading Hindi Medium- A Review



My sexy Nanimaa turns a year younger, that is, 70 on the 21st. And here I am, lazing around in my pyjamas, thinking of what to do for her special day this time around. As some creative ideas float around in my mind, my heart is held captive by one realization. I am so, so … Continue reading Nanimaa❤️


Women’s Day! Anecdote In The Making.

Women’s Day. Not that I fervently believe in the relevance of celebrating one day for womenfolk, when it should happen all year round, it’s just that this day saw something unusual at my home. And quite an event it was. Now, now! I’ll borrow what Maharani Gayatri Devi had to say about her mother- “it … Continue reading Women’s Day! Anecdote In The Making.


Little Women

In the initial days, they stopped in their tracks to stare at us, say good morning, or simply welcome us strangers into their school. Even we got used to being stared at every now and then. Then I was assigned a class, VI-C. And little did I know, these girls would steal my heart one … Continue reading Little Women